Thursday, March 6, 2008

Internet Dating Survey

Is internet dating safe? Do you think it is a good way to find your spouse? Internet dating websites got popular among many people. We hear a lot of stories from people around talking about successful relationships started through internet dating websites and other failed relationships. However, the way using internet dating has many features that encourage people to go for it. Consequently, visitors of those websites are young and old people, also both gender male and female. On the other hand, there are many risks surrounding this advanced way. According to Janine, “Internet dating made it easy for people to reach thousands of potential partners for casual sex or relationships” (2006, para7). This is a main reason to push people to use it because of easiness and cheapness. Although good aspects of internet dating, it is not safe enough to trust everyone who meets us. According to Weiss and Houghton, “Beware of people in existing relationships using internet dating to present themselves as single and available.”(2007,para11). That means that we should not trust people on internet dating websites. However, it is not bad way, but it is still not the best way to build our relationships.

2. Purpose
My group Johnny, Lalida, Botian, and I figured out what people think about using internet dating for building their relationships. We wanted to find out the relationship between the gender and trust in internet dating. Also, we wanted to know the relationship between the age and using internet dating. Furthermore, we wanted to know people’s knowledge about internet dating.

3. Hypotheses
I have three hypotheses about internet dating. First, I believe that old people using internet dating more than young people. Second, I believe that females are worried about using internet dating to get a good relationship more than males. Third, I believe that internet dating unable to provide serious relationships

4. Methods and Procedures
Our group asked 30 people who are American people but they different genders and ages in Carbondale to get different opinions. Each member of our group take 10 pages to get the answers about our survey to make the work easy and every one of us has different hypothesis. Also, we focused on old and young people to get real answers about our survey (see Appendix 1) which has 10 questions. We prepared our survey questions as multiple choice questions and yos/no. However, our survey was easy for respondents to answer the questions.

5. Results
According to our survey, people who their ages between 26 and 35 using internet dating services. Our survey showed that 66.7% do not use internet dating services. On the other hand, it showed also that 70% of males use internet dating more than females. In addition, there is 83.3% do not trust in profiles of people who use internet dating. Also, 96.7% think that a company that provide internet dating should verify of its members’ profiles. However, almost half of responds (47%) believe that internet dating is a good way to built a good relationship or to get a spouse.

6. Conclusion and discussion
I thought that old people using internet dating more than young people but the result of our survey came with that 26 to 35 using internet dating more than old people, I think that that is because young people use internet more than old people or because young people got interested in internet dating as kind of adventure. I also believed that females are more worried to get a god relationship than males, that was true because the result of our survey showed that 83.3% do not trust in internet dating, that means that most users of internet dating are worried about people who use internet dating. In addition, I believed that internet dating unable to provide a serious relationship, but the result of our survey showed than (47%) believe that internet dating is a good way to build a good relationship or to get a spouse which means that my opinion about this factor was not true.
If I can do this survey again, I would like to do it at large society who at least use internet much time to make sure that respondents are practice the issue that I will do next survey about; besides I will ask more respondents than this time to get high quality results. Also, I will do more surveys to increase the factor of credibility.

7. Reference
Janine, B (2006, April 13). Chatroom HIV warnings urged. The Press. Retrieved March 6, 2008, from
Weiss, K & Houghton, J (2007, March 31). Romance a net gain. Herald Sun. Retrieved March 6, 2008, from

8. Appendix1
Copy of Survey

9. Appendix2
Copy of Results

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cause of Stress

Abdullah Al-Mutrif

A stress is the twentieth century diseases. Most of the people start his/her day by a cup of coffee and most of them are Cigarettes smoker they smoke cigarette with it. After that they go to the job and work for a long time, and in some times they get a tough job they take all the day to finish it. Some of jobs people have to use a computer for along time, even that when they get back to home the have to drive there cars in the traffic, when they want enjoy there free time they are using computer or watching TV. All of these things are make them able to get stress when they exercise there normal life but they don’t watch there behaviors.

First, stress is a psychological and physiological response to events that upset our personal balance in some way. This happen when the person tries to do something bigger than his/her power or push the body to do something in up normal matter. These things cause stress which is mean the person feels like Heart Pounding in the chest, muscles tensing up, breathe coming faster.

Second, why we get stress? You have a lot of responsibilities and worries, you may be running on stress most of the time, starting with an emergency mode with every traffic jam, phone call, or something in the evening news. But the problem with the stress is that the more it’s activated, the harder it is to shut off. Instead of leveling off once the crisis has passed, your stress hormones, heart rate, and blood pressure remain elevated.

Third, because there are a lot of diseases coming after stress or because of it, we have to be carful and take care of our health by forcing that causes of stress and try to relax in other word Relaxation is the perfect treatment for stress with some massage in some cases, and there is some direction Doctors put it in CD’s or Taps to learn people how to deal with stress, how to manage there life and how to use good nutrition system to avoid stress

In conclusion, people do not watch there behaviors so the running on stress and most of the big diseases start with small stress but people don’t take care of it in the current time and they keep doing what they did so it will be more hurter for psychological and physiological

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

our chidrin

Abdullah Al-Mutrif
There are big problems facing young teenagers. In this time everything is change, people change them mind, everything now is available, whatever you want. So teenagers before fifty years ago were completely different than teenagers now, this since everything available now, like alcohol, weed, drugs and bad friends, absolutely they will deviate. Moreover the teenagers face problems in them school, therefore, all family who has teenagers should every family take care of this teenagers carefully. They have to know about them children or teenagers everything they going to do, what they are doing with their lives, also where they are going, with howm and how they are. Each father and mother should sty with their children to talk together, to know about them and what they think about. the important part in our life after marriage our children. There are some teenagers or guys who already have bad behavior, they want every body similar them. They won’t let everybody he/she will be better than them or successful more than them. Teenagers in this age they excited to do anything; they want try everything.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The technology is...!

Abdullah Al-Mutrif

The important thing in our life is technology. The entire world tries to advance with technology; there are many things technologists do, that if we don’t have maybe we can’t advance our life and country. I’ll start with my country. 60 years ago they didn’t have any kind of technology in some parts of my country they didn’t have electrically ether. It was a very difficult life. So, now Saudi Arabia is totally changed by the technology. Also, technology changed the rules of the country too. For example, we weren’t having any kind of technology like cameras, DVD or color television. So when the technology came to Saudi Arabia all things changed. The advances are continuing in my country; at this time we can see that each house has three or four TV, DVDs and cameras some families have many electric things; all these things are by technology. No body in this time can live without technology, because technology now is part of our life. Technology can make our life easy and comfortable.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

'Road Rage" runs rampant in high stress U.S. society

Abdullah Al Mutrif

According to the article on July 18, 1997, from Correspondent Kyoko Altman, “Road Rage runs rampant in high stress U.S society,” many people die in traffic accidents because of stress. In 1997 in the U.S.A. the number of death started to climbed; in that time there are people who had a malady called “road rage”. As NHTSA said there are more than “41,000 died in traffic accidents”. This subject in this article is about road rage; people made big mistakes on the road. All the victims in the article suffered because, people who drive crazy therefore, they have too much stress from job and life.
There is many ways to remove stress to get few traffic accidents. First, workers should arrange their work or what they will do, because work is gives workers so much stress if they do not accept it. Usually, if the employee is not happy with his or her work they will be under stress all the time. Thus, employees should find work that keeps them happy to avoid stress.
Second, besides the stress any one could have from normal life activities, the other place people easily get stress is when they drive their cars in traffic jams, moreover, public transportations is safer than cars. In addition, public transportations, such as trains and buses are faster than cars. As a result, people who have that kind of stressor need to use public transportation instead of using cars to avoid accidents they might cause.
Third, people look for bin relive when they get sick. However, if they are looking for stress relief they should think about exercise. Exercises are the best way to be stress free. Experts claim that walking for 10 minutes will keep you out of stress. In addition, relaxation is a very important factor in stress. Taking a break during work or going in vacation on weekends will help a lot to stop stressors.
In conclusion, life is full of stressors at home; work, the street and waiting in line to buy a cup of coffee could be stressors. If we don’t find the way to be out of stress our life will be difficult to deal with. Being happy with the job, doing exercises and using public transportation, all those ways together the will help us to have a good life without stress.
Abdullah Al Mutrif

There is only one restaurant in Carbondale that I can say is my favorite. This restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the world. This restaurant is Hunan; this restaurant introduced Chinese food. They make many type of food a taste perfect. Moreover, you can see a lot of people of different generations or different nationalities who like Hunan restaurant. So we can see this restaurant in many places around the world. Furthermore, they have a good dessert selection. They have excellent decorating in dishes, wall and food design. In addition, the waiters are very polite and give a good serves. I would like to say this type of restaurant is my favorite, and I love Chinese food.
Abdullah Al Mutrif
Fluency Exercise

There is big difference between SIUC and the students in Saudi Arabia. So the SIUC students can drink alcohol any time, because, it’s legal in this country and they can drink alcohol, except for under age students. They can’t drink alcohol legally, in same time they drink with another way, like with them friends. The students at universities in Saudi Arabia absolutely can’t drink alcohol on the university campus. But there are some of them who drink alcohol. So when they try to drink they must are drink carefully. Moreover, alcohol is illegal in Saudi Arabia. So they try to be sure no body can see them. Finally, now we can know how the difference between alcohols drinking at SIUC than at the university in my country is.